Numerology Life Path Number 11

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Those with the Master Number 11 represent vision and are a source for light in your life. Your life path is full of vibrance and energy. You are the most intuitive of all numerological numbers and know what is going on with many, whether it is insight into their health or relationships. You are very sensical and can simply read people and situations. But there are far more qualities that you embody.

Very similar to the Life Path Number 2, except for far more intensified, those with Life Number 11 are charismatic leaders, sources of inspiration, filled with dreams and idealism, as well as many gifts and talents. You are very energized and can draw people together with your leadership skills.

I have known several people whose life path number is 11 and they are some of the most patient people in the world. They are amazing companions and friends. They live in harmony with the environment. Many of them have beautiful homes and apartments to surround themselves with positive energy. Their homes and lives are peaceful and well designed. Many of the people that I know that are 11′s have been in the medical fields like massage therapy, physical therapy, and psychology. They are also into music and enjoy the way it makes them feel. Another major quality that they embrace is large ideas and although mostly good, some of these ideas can cause problems, when the ideas are not reached. There is a thin line to walk for those with life number 11 but when they figure out what side of the line to walk on the benefits are great.

Overall, the eleven is a wonderful visionary. On the other side of the line though, there are problems that can arise and than can constantly impede the progress of a number 11. Although you have so many talents and skills, you are very critical of yourself and sometimes this constant criticism can cloud your judgment and instill self-doubt. This can sometimes frustrate you and in even worse scenarios can lead to depression. On a lighter note, sometimes those with the life path number 11 can be moody and uncomfortable.

For those 11s that can embrace their great qualities and learn how to see themselves in a good light, the future is yours for the taking. If you are very critical though you will encounter problems that will only heal themselves through constant self-improvement, patience (which is one of your skills), and time.