Numerology Life Path Number 22

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Another Master Number of the numerological numbers, Life Path number 22 is one of, if not, the best and most successful life path numbers to have. People with the Life Path number 22 are known as the Master Builder. There are so many amazing qualities and characteristics that a person with this number will have at their disposal. If you are a 22 you should be very happy, as you have a great foundation for your future.

Those with Life Path number 22 have a personality full of dynamism. You are both realistic and idealistic allowing you to envision something and then actually follow through with it. Because you have so many qualities you can associate yourself with a wide variety of people and can make many types of people your friends and associates. You can interact with different people, hear and comprehend different ideas, and this quality allows you to be open minded to so many new and interesting concepts. You can also make those concepts a reality with your ingenuity and spirit. However, you can sense when a concept is not going to work and you will be very outspoken about its failures. This common sense sets you apart from many of your counterparts and helps you become a natural leader.

Many of my friends who are Master Builders have a keen sense of management and can unite people around an idea that can help attain a common goal. Many of these 22s are great business men and women because of this. Their talents as business leaders spans all the cultures as well and can help with international endeavors. This also helps anyone with the Master Number 22 become very great politicians, politicians that change the world through their thorough evaluations and common-sensical nature.

The downside to the Master Number 22 is that through all this dynamism, ambiguity in their decisions may arise. They may fight with their idealism and realism and cause themselves to cease from progress and simply wallow. Sometimes these qualities make the 22s more indecisive. Also, although you are a good manager of people, sometimes you fail to realize that other people have skills that can accomplish your well planned task, concept or idea. You are locked into what you want and have a hard time stepping back to look at the broader picture, to trust your co workers, to trust your employees, and to be flexible with their skills and the overall concept. If you have patience and belief in your fellow mankind, by relying on your positive traits, then you will achieve all of your ambitions.

This common-sensical viewing of the world can effect more than just your career. You are great in relationships when you support your partner. Because of your sound views on the world that surrounds you, 22s help their partners well with advice, and great listeners, and can be a great shoulder to lean on. However, sometimes you can be almost detached from your partner, thinking things through way too much, and being very analytical. Because you don’t view the world subjectively, sometimes you can focus too much on the real ways to accomplish things in your life, whether it is you career or your love-life, but when things do not work out you can become moody and intolerant of others because you are more likely to blame others for your failures.

The Master Number 22 at full maturation is a successful person who can transform goals into reality. While you are maturing you must learn to have faith in others and if you can do this you can do this everything will turn out A-Okay! Until then, if you want to embrace the numbers and speed up your maturation process so you can attain all the positives of your Master Number 22 I recommend receiving a professional numerology reading for better insight into your numerological meanings.