Numerology and Personal Compatibility

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In today’s world of broken relationships, wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable tool to help predict long term compatibility? Numerology can be this tool for you. Numerology can help predict compatibility in friendships and love relationships by helping each person understand not only what they bring to the table personally, but also what their potential partner brings. Numerology can help predict the compatibility of your lifepath number and that of the other person by shedding light on potential conflicts. Some numbers come together smoothly and naturally, with little friction, whereas other numbers seem to naturally conflict. Of course, no relationship is ever completely free of conflict and some conflict is even helpful for personal growth and development. By knowing and understanding your own lifepath number and also that of your potential mate or friend, you can use the information to build intimacy in your relationship and increase your compatibility. Numerology can be done separately by each individual in the relationship or can be done as a couple. Either way, numerology can shed light on both strengths and weaknesses of the union and set the stage for a truthful discussion. Knowing and sharing relevant information before the relationship deepens helps increase the chances of having a successful relationship. As for compatibility numerology is another tool to help accomplish this.
The lifepath number is the most important number to consider when using numerology as a predictor of compatibility as this relates to traits and characteristics acquired at birth. Another important number when using numerology to predict compatibility is the destiny or expression number, as it relates to the direction each person will take in life. As you can see, if two people come together and learn their numerology and find they have conflicting lifepath numbers, the couple may have to try harder to understand each other’s behaviors and personalities. Likewise, if the couple comes together and finds compatible destiny numbers, then they have a good chance of long-term compatibility in their similar life ventures. Numerology does not guarantee or condemn relationships, but can bring valuable information to the couple which enables them to have a conversation about issues that could affect their compatibility in the future.
If you are looking to find out more about the compatibility issues of your current relationship, try numerology. Knowing and understanding yourself and your potential partner leads to more successful and fulfilling relationships.