Numerology Life Path Number 3

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Life Path Number 3

The number 3 life path is often the number of the entertainment celebrities of the world. This life path number usually indicates a creative, often dramatic, and almost always captivating personality. The 3 life path personality usually lives in the moment, with little thought to the future. This trait can be good and bad. On the positive side, threes path usually take advantage of every opportunity because they are not fearful of what the future might hold.  They are not afraid of putting themselves out there, because the moment is where they live and nothing else matters.  Obviously, on the negative side, this life path number may also do things that have negative consequences later.

The danger for this number is that life tends to be a stage, literally, and many times, the highs and lows of drama take their toll. When life is good, the number 3 life path may get out-of-control, either in relationships or spending money. When the lows come, the three life path number may became withdrawn and even morbid.   The number three personality must guard against extremes in mood and also impatience with the rest of the world.

The  three life path number often has very public and passionate love affairs. When the relationship is good, it often resembles a fairytale and gains the world’s attention. If the relationship fails, it often leaves serious scars for the three.  In a career, the number three life path finds success in high profile careers that spotlight their often exuberant personalities and/or their creative talents .  Number three life path people tend to be positive and upbeat and this attracts others of the same personality.  The number three life path tends to be popular and to attract good things in terms of successful careers.  The danger with this number is the ability to stay balanced amidst the highs and lows of a high profile life and to establish a base of security in what often can be a fishbowl lifestyle for this life path number.

The three life path number usually represents a personality concerned with beauty and flair. This life path number offers some amazing opportunities for those who possess it, as well as a few challenges to maintain balance and emotional stability amidst the drama.